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About Us

About Us

GHBS is a family owned company based in Colombia located in the municipality of Funza at only 10 kms from Bogota, providing the best conditions, like perfect weather from 15 to 25 celsius / 62.6 fahrenheit to 75f all year

GHBS counts with a specialized team and expertise in extraction, medicine, agriculture and pharmacology, we are focused on having the highest standards and the best quality for cultivation, extraction and nished products. we are very proud of our roots, we have land acres native from our country , whose fame and reputation are known internationally. Furthermore, the richness and fertility of our soils allow us to cultivate successfully any cannabis strain, giving us the exibility to produce a large variety of extracts to commercialize nationally and internationally

Ideal Natural Conditions: Natural & consistent 12 -hour light cycle and temperate climate

Optimal Economic and Regulatory Conditions: History of building large -scale agricultural industries

Highly educated and skilled agricultural workforce : Generations of experience working in cut – ower industry

Golden Hemp Biosciences

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